Joe Wijono

Marriage and Relationship Coach

About Me

Hi, My name is Yoesef Wijono, but people known me as Coach Joe. I am a Professional Coach & Counsellor and an Emotional Healing Therapist. My speciality in INKONCO is Marriage dan Relationship Coaching, altough I also have expertise in Leadership and Performance Coaching.

Certificates And Credentials

  • Master Degree in Counselling
  • Certified Leadership Coach from ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited program
  • Hogan Assessment Certification from Hogan Assestment U.S.A.
  • Professional Intuitive Coach and Trainer from Integra
  • Strength Coach from Business Wisdom Indonesia
  • Clinical Resource Therapy Practitioner from Resource Therapy International Australia
  • Emotion Code Certified Practitioner from Discovery Healing U.S.A.
  • Certificate in Counseling Skills from CCC (Counseling and Care Center) Singapore and Lifespring Indonesia
  • Certified Family Counsellor from Lembaga Konseling Keluarga Kreatif
  • Certified Professional Counsellor from Yayasan Busur Emas
  • Certified Hypnotherapist from IHC Indonesia
  • Certified Professional Life Coach from Transformation Service U.S.A
  • Certified Counselling Skills from The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology U.K.
  • Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology from The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology U.K.
  • NLP Master Practitioner from The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology U.K.
  • CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) Practitioner from The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology U.K.
  • The Sciende of Leadership Course from Brain Academy
  • Neuroscience for Personal Development Course from Brain Academy
  • Business Consultant from LOGOS Global Academy

Work Experience

I started my counsellor journey in early 2000 only with my passion and empathy to help and serve couple that struggling in their marriage life.  The more I served clients at that time, the more I realized my empathy and passion wasn’t good enough, I need to upgrade my skills and competencies  to serve my clients better. Since then, I can’t remember how many seminars, continued educations and trainings I attended, until the final is when I finished my Master Degree in Counselling in 2018.

Since 2018 I also helped clients in corporate company as a professional Coach, especially in the Life and Wellness area; this to help Leaders to perform better in their role and achieve happiness and less stressful life at the same time.

Coaching Expertise

I have more than 1.000 coaching hours in various cases in Marriage and Relationship Coaching, not counted my 22 years expertiese in Marriage and Relationship Counselling, I am the right partner you are looking for in the Marriage and Relationship issue, either overcome your issues in Marriage and Relationship or Improving your Marriage and Relationship to another level.

My Clients Say About Me

  • Our marriage is easier to live after several coaching sessions with coach Joe
  • I never thought what happened in my past life would affect my marriage life. Thanks to coach Joe who has helped me healing my inner child.
  • Conflict resolution is the skill that every marriage should have. If only we had learned this skill 15 years ago, it surely helped us avoid unnecessary conflicts and hurt that happened in our marriage life

A Great Marriage is not when the perfect couple comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.